Boston & Western Massachusetts 2017

After returning home from school in May, my mother and I planned a trip to Boston and Western Massachusetts. My grandmother joined us, along with her sister who is also a foodie and owns a restaurant in western Mass. At the bottom of this post are some pictures that I saved from the trip!

For breakfast each day we just ate at our hotel (AC Hotel by Marriott), which was surprisingly good and not at all like a typical hotel breakfast buffet. Lunch on our first day was at Eataly Boston, which is probably my favorite place in the world. Pictures from Eataly are the first and second below. Following Eataly, we had dinner at a trendy tapas restaurant in Harvard Square called Alden & Harlow.

One of my favorite parts of the Northeast is the lobster. While I usually prefer crab over lobster, I cannot say I was at all disappointed. Aside from eating a whole lobster for dinner one night (yes, I ate the whole thing), I enjoyed a creamy lobster roll from Row 34 on the Boston Harbor. Here I also enjoyed some great raw oysters for the first time. But of all the lobster we had, my favorite came in the form of tacos. The lobster tacos from my aunt’s restaurant were by far my favorite thing throughout the whole trip. I failed to take a picture of them (I was too excited to eat them), so a description will have to do. The incredibly simple tacos started with a shell made from a thinly sliced jicama. On top of that was fresh lobster in a mayonnaise and clarified butter sauce, topped with an avocado puree. This was accompanied by a tomatillo salsa. If you ever happen to go to The Blue Heron in Sunderland, MA., you must get these.

The last highlight of my trip was dining at SRV in South Boston. This was a small-plates Italian restaurant that absolutely did not disappoint. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of these as well. However, the risotto and the pastas were delicious.

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